Help to direct creatures through danger and get home.

How many can you save??


Game Description

Game Details

There are three different types of creatures that will need help getting home on over 80 levels across 3 different lands, each of which will bring their own challenges and trials to try and get through. You will be given different items to aid you such as bridges and arrows but each map will have a limited amount so use them wisely.

This game was originally designed and released on mobile devices (iOS, Android) back in 2014. It has more recently been greenlit on Steam and has since been released there. The game took two months to make with myself as lead game designer / producer for the company “Predator Software” which I was the Director.









A peaceful land is rocked by an old evil,

Can you find the legend and save everyone?


Game Description

Game Details

This classic style RPG asks you to take control of a man who has lost his memory and is living is a peaceful village doing odd jobs. Suddenly, a neighbouring village is attacked and you are tasked with helping. There are plenty of hours of gameplay with many side missions to find and team members to join in your quest to save the land.

This game has been completely designed, written and created by myself. I using the standard assets that come with RPG Maker along with a few extras that were in the free domain. I also added several “add-ons scripts” to RPG maker to allow the game to have a much bigger depth in gameplay.